China Liberal Arts College Tour


China Liberal Arts College Tour


“文理学院随笔”全新上线 | LAC Stories ONLINE


As a part of the series of events and works presented by China LAC Tour and LAC China Alliance, LAC Stories is now available on our official website. You may read stories under Menu->Blogs from the menu bar on the left. Comment function is activated. Comments and feedbacks are warmly welcome.


第六届巡展“宣讲会”演示文稿 | Powerpoints for College Presentations


All powerpoints that were used by participating admission officers during 2014 China Liberal Arts College Tour have been uploaded to the official website. Please retrieve pdf files under Menu->Information->Powerpoint folder from the menu bar on the left.


第六届巡展“申请讲座”实录 | Application Q&A Workshop Notes


The organizers of China Liberal Arts College Tour have started their new semesters or continued their daily work since the end of 2014 Tour. Yet, organizers are thinking of prospective students and their parents at the same time. Therefore, the WeChat platform will resume to send out useful information or articles from time to time. Within the next week, Application Q&A Workshop Notes for 2014 China Liberal Arts College Tour will be sent in separate messages via our WeChat public platform (ChinaLACTour). You may also retrieve pdf files and live recordings under Menu -> Information -> Workshop Notes folder from the menu bar on the left.


“美国顶尖文理学院中国巡展” 官方微信公众平台正式上线

美国顶尖文理学院中国巡展(China Liberal Arts College Tour)微信公众平台正式上线啦!!!更多活动资讯,参与院校及招生代表信息,敬请关注微信公众平台:ChinaLACTour(微信号:chinalactour,或直接扫描二维码)