2014 China Liberal Arts College Tour


China Liberal Arts College Tour


随着“第六届美国顶尖文理学院中国巡展”上海站圆满结束,“第六届美国顶尖文理学院中国巡展”正式闭幕! 本届巡展在过去的十余天内,先后造访北京、成都、杭州和上海,有1100余人次提前在官网提交了“在线申请”,共有3000余人次参与了全部四站现场活动 ,包括北京二中、北京四中和上海美国学校专场!

巡展的工作人员仍在继续整理所有“第六届美国顶尖文理学院中国巡展”的相关素材,包括“申请讲座”的音频文件和中英文现场实录、“文理学院宣讲会”的ppt演示文稿等。我们会尽快完成校对和整理,并上传至活动官网chinalactour.org,请继续关注“ 美国顶尖文理学院中国巡展 ”的官网与微信公众平台( ChinaLACTour )!期待来年再与大家相见!

Over the past eleven days, 2014 China Liberal Arts College Tour has visited Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Shanghai. More than 1,100 students submitted Online Applications before the Tour started, and over 3,000 students and parents from home and abroad attended events in four cities.  

Staff for 2014 China Liberal Arts College Tour is still working on the relevant materials, including audio recordings and Chinese translations for Application Q&A Workshop, powerpoints for college presentations etc. Please continue to follow us on our official website chinalactour.org and WeChat public platform ( ChinaLACTour ) for more information. May all of you a great application season! See you next year at the Tour!  



“第六届美国顶尖文理学院中国巡展”今天在北京盛大开幕! 作为今年巡展的第一站,逾1000人次参加了我们北京站首日的活动。开幕式上,北京四中校长,刘长铭先生首先致欢迎辞,之后Williams College的招生官Sulgi Lim女士和“美国顶尖文理学院中国巡展”的创始人及活动主管堵燕菁小姐分别为开幕做了主旨演讲。 

2014 China Liberal Arts College Tour had its opening ceremony at Beijing No.4 High School early this morning. More than 1000 students and parents participated in our event in Beijing today. Mr. LIU Changming, the Principal of Beijing No.4 High School, delivered a welcoming speech at the very beginning of the event. Ms. Sulgi Lim, the Association Director of Admission from Williams College, and Ms. Claire Du, the Founder and Program Director of China LAC Tour, presented two keynote speeches regarding the liberal arts education in general and a retrospect of the China LAC Tour program. 


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